Saturday, January 23, 2016

Keeping your Greens Green and Healthy in the Fridge

How many times have you gone to use the cilantro you bought mere days ago, only to discover a melting ooze of blackened leaves? I've finally found a way to keep all my herbs green and healthy looking when I bring them home. Simply stand the bunch of herbs in a container of water, fit a plastic bag over the top and place in the fridge. That's it! Parsley, green onions, thyme and yes, even the dreaded cilantro will keep for weeks this way. 

I was inspired by this gadget that is sold especially for the purpose-an orange plastic container with a clear plastic dome. It's OK, but a real pain to use. It isn't always the correct size and is difficult to fit. By comparison, an old jar or plastic container with a clear bag is super easy to use-and free!

This is cilantro purchased over a week ago! The leaves are still green and vibrant! 

Clip the leaves you need for your recipes and then slip the plastic bag over the herbs. Using a chip clip to secure the top makes it even handier. 

You can use the same technique for green onions. I've kept them in a container on the counter, clipped them as needed and then watched as the green tops grew back. 


  1. Great idea. I always like it when someone appropriates an idea that costs $$ when you can do it at home for free. And it works!